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Prohibited matter


Please make a reservation after understanding the contents.




Infectious disease prevention measures

・ Please check in in the car or at the outdoor counter.

・ Please check in all at once.

・ Please wear a mask, measure the temperature and disinfect your hands at check-in.

・ The front desk will be covered with a mask.

・ As a general rule, the identities of all guests are confirmed.

・ If you do not have a mask, we will hand it to you at the front desk.

・ Cannot be used by people with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher.

・ Disposable rubber gloves and cloths are available for each customer.

・ Please pay by credit card or e-commerce as much as possible.

・ Please ventilate regularly.

・ Please close the lid before flushing the toilet.

・ Please use the shower room by yourself.

・ Avoid the three honey and keep the social distance.

・ Please disinfect with the provided alcohol.

・ Please observe cough etiquette.






Prohibited matter

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